Our Commitment...


We are committed to pursue high-quality manufacturing practices and ethical employment practices facilitated by clean, safe and healthy working environment and supply consistently high-quality products on time to our valuable customers. We follow ethical practices and adhere to applicable state, national and international laws on labour employment. We provide a clean, safe and healthy environment, adopt fair labour practices, without any discrimination and we do not interfere in their freedom.

Our operations are conducted with awareness for environmental safeguard and we deem it our obligation to prevent pollution by complying with elevant environmental legislations. We constantly, aim at enhancing environmental awareness amongst our employees. We strongly believe in our commitment to the environment.

  • Quality
  • Timely delivery
  • Transparency
  • Fashion innovation
  • Shorter lead time
  • Ability to process orders of any quality
  • Design studio
  • Flexibility

Knitted apparel manufacturing
serve customer with quality serviceEmpower workforce and interlink their personal goals with business
goals Control through optimized business scale Cost efficiency through technologically current machines and technique
Quality statement Quality is a careful balance between the technical and the commercial, and is the result of intention, intelligence, effort and execution






Sri Durga Devi International policy

Shall not use child labour. Shall not use forced labour.
Shall not engage in or support discrimination.
Shall not engage in or support the use of punishment.
Shall adhere to the laws applicable for working hours.
Shall ensure that wages paid always meet the legal / industry standards and are sufficient to meet basic needs.
Shall provide regular employment to the extent possible.
Shall provide a safe and healthy working environment. Shall respect the right of all personnel to collective bargaining.